LillyChilly is a young startup focusing on UX design consulting & CMS based website development using Wordpress and Joomla. We also aspire for our own consumer product. We have launched a consumer site for doctors and patients - www.healthyjeevan.com, currently in beta. 

Snehal Chavan
(co-founder) - Development and Operation.
Snehal has bachelors's degree in Electronics and certifications in QA and Development. She oversees web development, QA and operations at LillyChilli. She specialises in Joomla and Wordpress developments tools. 

Sameer Chavan
(co-founder) - Design and UX Training
Sameer has Master's degree in Industrial Design from IDC IIT Mumbai and Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineer. He has over 18yrs of experience in UX design. He heads UX design consultancy and UX training. 

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