• Most of the ecommerce site business is lost due to bad usability.
  • We can help you design proper checkout and payment forms that have high success rate of conversion
  • We understand the shopping mall experience that users have on the ecommerce site.
  • We can design the registration page considering forward direction movements
  • Search results page with filtering, sorting & clustering are very important on ecommerce site to help user find desired results with minimum queries
  • We know the psychology of recommender systems that show related items on each page
  • Call-to-Action Buttons : its the important button that tells user where he should proceed.

Home Page / Landing Page Design -

  • Homepage of an ecommerce site is like the first impression you get when you see a physical shop.
  • Landing page is the page where users land from clicking a link on google resule or other sites. They come to your site with an intention and if they dont see the information they were looking for, then users just close the browser. This is called the Bounce rate in Google Analytics.
  • Homepage is about your brand and it should give impression on what your site is all about. What can they buy, where can they search

Registration Page Design

  • In most of ecommerce site 50% users dont complete registration.
  • Most of the Registration pages are confusing, ask for unnecessary information, too long & provide no help.
  • There is no user motivation to complete the registration.
  • There are exit paths that lead users to abandon the registration half way.

Product Listing Page Design

  • Product listings are the heart of business for every ecommerce site. This is the place where users click buy now.
  • Most of the listings have inadequate information to compile user to make the buying decision. User dont even click the listing to view details.
  • Users cannot quickly browser or navigate more listings and products.
  • Recommendation and related products are not shown properly to entice users to buy more.

Search Result Page design

  • Some of the ecommerce sites like jobs, matrimony, realestate relay on search result page as conversion happens here.
  • Most of the time user mental model and the psychology of sorting, filtering and clustering gets wrong and users are confused on search results.
  • There is a trade-off between making user search more new terms against allowing navigate more pages.
  • Study shows that users normally dont click next page. Instead they change the search term.

The business of Cross-Selling and up-selling

Business Centered Design

In traditional user-centred design, focus is on users’ needs and their use of the product, while marketing is left to the marketing department. On the web, usability and marketing go hand in hand. Whether commercial or not, a web site has to meet the need of its users and at the same time convince them to take action, for the objectives behind the site to be meet

” Usability by itself only reduces your customers’ frustration level. That’s important, of course, but still a far cry from guiding your customers into doing what they want to do and you want them to do: BUYING” – Brian Eisenberg

For a site to meet its strategic objectives, it has to orient and direct its target audience through the process of conversion, whether that conversion is buying a product, subscribing to a newsletter, making a phone call, or exploring related information. To incorporate such objectives, we have to think beyond the boundaries of ease of use

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Sameer speaking on designing ecommerce websites at umo conference