Usability Testing

Usability testing focuses on determining if your product is easy to learn, satisfying to use and contains the functionality that the users desire. It is expected that no product should go live without Usability testing. There are number of usability testing methods suiting different situations. Usability tests should be done at every stage to validate design and user assumptions

Sameer Conducting Usability test for Clinical Application at Baltimore, USA

Lab tests : users are called to usability labs and provided with user tasks. Observers watch users executing those tasks and make note. Questions may be asked at the end of the test.(currently we are in the process of building a inhouse usability lab)

Portable usabilty lab: Our Usability engineers can carry our portable usability lab equipments to the site and carry usability test.

Remote usability test: If the participants are located in different locations we can conduct usability test using WebEx.

Our experts have condu

cted lab usability tests, portable usability tests and also remote usability test where users were in different time zones